Our Caregivers


We believe it is your right to receive home care services that meet the highest professional, ethical, and safety standards, and have dedicated our efforts to that promise

Our trusted team of home care professionals

Peace on Earth(POE) employs registered nurses (RNs), licensed nursing practical nurse(LPNs), certified nursing assistants(CNAs) , and personal care assistants(PCAs)

Our stringent hiring standards, ongoing supervision, and comprehensive training and education ensure that our caregivers give clients the highest quality health care services available. POE is also accredited to ensure compliance with health care standards and all of our caregivers are fully insured.

Our Hiring Standards
We thoroughly verify credentials, references and experience, and perform criminal background checks on all applicants. After in-depth interviews, written testing, and hands-on skills assessments, we also evaluate their compassion, excellence, and reliability the core values of POE.

Ongoing Supervision
Once hired, all caregivers are supervised by a registered nurse, who makes regular home visits to ensure the health and safety of our clients. Our caregivers are also required to demonstrate their competency annually with hands-on skills assessments and performance evaluations

Commitment to Education and Training
We believe in continuously improving our work through evaluation, education, and training. Our programs include a range of instruction, written exams, hands-on skills work, and opportunity for time in the field to perform a client's care prior to independent assignment. All caregivers also undergo annual skills evaluations and have access to in-services.

How to become a CNA/PCA for Peace on Earth Home Care Services

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